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Creating Engagement Activities

Engagement Activities allow organizations to track specific actions made by their customers. These activities are often used to award points or other incentives for interactions with the organization. By default there are no processes to automate these activities as each organization may want to set them up differently. In this article we will highlight the base functionality Cobalt provides and some common use cases.

Engagement Entities

We include an entity for engagement activities which exists as a type of activity related to a contact or account. See the entity definition for more details.

We also include an entity for engagement activity type to allow organizations to create categories to help organize individual activity records if desired. See the entity definition  for more details.

Meeting Registration Engagement Activity

Above is the basic set up for creating an engagement activity automatically when a meeting registration attendance is marked yes.

Above is an example of how you would set properties for the create engagement activity step. If you have engagement activity types that look up can be set.

Similar workflows can be generated for other tasks or creation of records.