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Cobalt Form Creation Wizard

The Cobalt Form Wizard allows you to create the records required to successfully request additional information from customers in one screen, rather than clicking through multiple screens to create all the data. This wizard gives you the ability to create forms related to applications, events, and profile updates. It also provides the ability to create stand-alone forms to request information outside of an established process. The wizard will make the mapping process easier so that information provided on the portal site can easily be recorded in CRM.

Create a New Form or Open an Existing One

For a new form, you only need to complete the Name field and Save.

A description for more internal detail can be added if desired.

Open Launch Designer in the Toolbar

If this form is going to be used for an existing process like an Application, Registration, Profile update, or other process then use the 2nd column to select the Related Entity, which will be the process entity. This will be used when establishing field mappings later in the designer.

If this form is going to be used as a stand alone form outside of any existing process then you can select the primary entity from the first column.

Select a Page to Edit Or Create a New Page

By default the designer will start you with Page 1 as a question page. If this is acceptable then you can skip to adding sections and questions. For more details on generating pages, click here.

Click Edit beside the default Section to Customize the First Section on the Page

Section Label - Set a custom title for the section

Display Section Label -  Yes to show the label on the portal and No to hide the label on the portal

Section Sort Order (advanced options) - Set the section sort order to organize the sections if there are more than one.

If you wish to add additional sections to the page click here for more details. If one section is enough continue to the next step.

Add Questions or Information that will not map directly to a field in CRM

Click on the drop down under Add Controls (Unmapped) for a field Type and click Add Control.

For a detailed listing of question field types click here.

Under the Section you will see a new item saying Click to configure and will need to select Edit.

For more details on configuring the Unmapped Control Questions click here.

Add Questions or Information that will map directly to a field in CRM

Once you have finalized the mapping click Add Question

The question will appear under your section with mapped Field Name.

To customize the question click Edit.

The wizard by default will create both To mapping (moving data to CRM) and From mapping, displaying any existing data in CRM. Mapping will only work if done through the wizard process. You can no longer manually set up the mapping. For more details on editing the mapped question click here.

Save Changes and start using your Form