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Form Designer Add Pages

As part of the form designer you are no longer limited to question pages which are covered in this article. Since you can create stand alone forms, you can also create a text page and a summary page. This article will show how to create the text and summary page types.

***Note that if you are using stand alone form, if you do not create these pages your customers will be unable to submit the form and know that it has gone through. So to get the information you need all 3 page types (question, text, and summary). If you are linking the form to a process, then you do not have to include these page types and the process already has submit and receipt/text pages as part of the process.

Click New Page and then Edit Page

In the pop-up you will designate the page type as Question, Text, or Summary

Page Name - By default this is set as Page # but you can set this to any title you like

Page Type - Select Question, Text, or Summary page depending on the needed functionality

Page Title - Set a Page Title on the page to display on the portal

Page Instructions - Provide information that will be displayed on the portal

Page Sort Order (under Advanced options) - If you have multiple pages you can set the order in which the pages display


A summary page is designed to display a summary of the questions answered. The sort order of this page should be after any question pages.  Other than adding the page details in the fields listed above, you should have no additional work to do in the designer for this page type.


A text page is designed to be a static text page. For example, you can add an introductory page to a standalone form or a receipt page at the end of the process thanking customers for their submission. Edit the page details to set the sort order and Title as desired.

On the main designer page click Edit next to the default section

Update the Section Label with desired Text and click Save Section.

Add additional sections as needed by clicking Add Section on the right hand side.