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Member Type Set Up

Most membership organizations allow for multiple levels or types of Membership. Membership Dynamics allows you to have as many types as you need to handle all the different member groups in your organization. The member type is essential to organizing membership applications, dues, and membership records. Contacts can have multiple memberships with different member types if that fits your business model, however, each membership is linked to a single member type.

1. Getting to the Membership Area

When first Logging into CRM you will want to navigate to Membership

3. Complete Required Fields and any additional ones

Complete Required Fields and any additional ones


  • Name - Name of the member type.
  • Type - Is this membership for Contacts (individuals) or Accounts (offices/organizations)
  • Membership Activation - Automatic means that when application requirements are fulfilled the membership becomes active. If you set this to manual staff will need to update pending applications to active.
  • Display in Directory - No means this member type will not be accessible in your directory. Yes, means this member type can be searched and displayed in the member directory.
  • Short Description - a brief description of the member type.
  • Order Source - Order Sources provide specific rules for how the system will process membership orders. If none is selected this will default to the membership application order source on your system settings.


  • Application Form - You can add additional questions to a membership application by adding a custom form.
  • Display on Portal - Yes means that contacts can apply for this type of membership on the portal. No means that this member type cannot be applied for on the portal.


  • Terms - The membership application includes a Terms and Conditions page. You can set what appears on this page in this description field.

4. Save Changes

After the new Member Type record is saved, Membership Requirements and Membership Application Fees can be set up.