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Payment Plan Record Creation

Once a Payment Plan Option is configured and used for Membership applications and Dues renewals, the related Payment Plan records will be generated in the CRM. In this article, we will take a look at the Payment Plan record creation logic in detail.

2. The Contact proceeds through the checkout process of the Membership Application with a Payment Plan

On the Payment Submission page, the grid should display all of the related Products with the Payment Plan name next to each product.

3. Contact submits payment on the portal and is navigated to the Receipt page.

Similar to the Payment Submission page, the Receipt page should display all of the related Products with the Payment Plan name next to each product.


We are relying on the payment service to charge the customer for payment plan orders, and then we pull that information back into CRM. Payment plans are created when the application/dues option is submitted, but the first payment usually takes a day or so to process. The payment record will not appear in CRM until that payment is processed in Authorize.NET. Once the payment is processed in authorize.Net, it will be picked up by the CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges Cron:

  • Name: CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges
  • Type: Native
  • Instances are Unique: Yes
  • Expression: 0 0 * * *
  • Message Name: CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges

This cron will look in authorize.NET and will match the payment number in authorize.NET to the payment number in authorize.NET. It will create the payment, create the invoice and apply the payment (or just apply the payment to the existing invoice if applicable), deactivate the payment, and set the payment on the payment plan charge, and deactivate the payment plan charge as succeeded:

Please note our OOTB receipting won't work when someone checks out with only a payment plan item in their cart (so the initial payment) or any of the subsequent scheduled payments. If an organization wants to send a receipt each time a scheduled payment is processed, they will need to do so through authorize.NET. Directions on how to do so can be found here.

5. Click into the Subscription in Authorize.NET and verify it has the correct Start/End Dates and number of payments