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Allow Payments without Logging into the Portal

Welcome to the "Pushing the Limits" series, where we find different ways to maximize the functionalities of Dynamics 365 to solve unique problems!

In this article, we are taking a look at a scenario where you would be able to configure the system so that your clients can pay for an order without having the need to be logged into the portal. This also includes members that do not have Portal login credentials! In this example, a workflow will be used to send emails to clients with a direct link to the order payment page. Here is how to set it up:

Note: For this functionality, your CobaltCore solution will need to be 3.9 or higher.

1. Navigate to an Order record and verify there is a “Check Out URL” field

  1. This new field generates URLs that will take users to the order payment page directly without logging into the portal

2. Navigate to Processes and create a new Workflow

  1. In this example, a Membership Renewal email will be sent out including a direct link to the Membership Dues Order payment page.
  2. Since it is a Membership Renewal email, the automatic process is set to trigger when a Dues Item record is created. You may configure the workflow to what makes most sense for you.

3. Add a “Send Email” step in the workflow and click on Set Properties

  1. This is where you will set up all the information that the email will contain, including the dynamic Check Out URL value

4. Once complete, save and activate the workflow and test to confirm it works

  1. Click on the link and confirm that the user is navigated to the order payment page and can complete the payment process without logging in.
  2. Note: the URL will contain “Public” which means no credentials are required. (ex.

Check Out URLs feature configuration

There is a workflow that has been created in regards to the Check Out URLs generation. The "Generate Anonymous Check Out URL" workflow generates the Check Out URL upon order creation. If this workflow is inactive, the entire Check Out URL feature will not function.