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How to pay using ACH payments

ACH payments can now be accepted without needing any custom code. Please note ACH payments are only available with Authorize.NET. Additionally, Authorize.NET has implemented measures with ACH payments to ensure duplicate charges do not happen accidentally. As a result, portal users will see an error if they try to check out using the ACH payment method for orders that have the same total amount throughout the day.

1. Once a Contact is on the portal and begin the checkout process, there will be an ACH option under Payment Type

  1. This Payment Type option will be on the Credit Card Information page (/Sales/Payment/CreditCardInformation.aspx)

2. Fill out the required fields for the ACH Payment

  1. Check the “Save this Account to my profile” to avoid filling out the ACH information in future checkout processes.

3. Complete the Checkout process and submit the payment.

  1. A related Payment record will be generated on the CRM with the following fields:
    1. Status = Active
    2. Payment Type = ACH
    3. ACH Status = Pending
    4. ACH Settlement Date = Null