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How to retry a payment plan charge when a payment plan payment fails

Please note that we are relying on the payment service to charge the customer for payment plan orders, and then we are pulling that information back into CRM. Because this charge happens in the payment service, if something goes wrong with a scheduled payment, you will need to update the information in the payment service itself after setting the scheduled payment plan charge back to "scheduled" in CRM. If an organization is planning on using payment plans, please ask them to enable automatic retry in authorize.NET. Please navigate here for directions on how to do so.


If a payment plan charge fails, please execute the following steps:

1.In CRM, go to the payment plan charge that you expect to be completed and verify it is in the "Scheduled" status reason

Navigate to the Contact, and click on related Payment Plans. Then click on the Payment Plan Charges tab

2.In Authorize.NET, verify automatic retry is enabled

3.Go to the subscription (which is most likely suspended) and update the information. Click 'Reactivate Subscription'

4.It should retry the charge at 2am. If the charge is successful, please wait until the CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges cron has run in CRM to verify the information has been pulled into CRM correctly.

This cron runs at 12AM daily. If the charge is successful, please wait until the next day to verify in the CRM.