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Universal Cart Coupon Logic

With the new implementation of the Universal Cart, our existing coupon feature is still in place and will have different logics regarding Universal Cart depending on the Coupon Type:

  • Single Product Percentage Coupon: This coupon will only apply to 1 product in the cart, even if there are more than 1 product in the cart. If this coupon is applied to a product, and that product is removed from the cart, it will automatically apply to the next eligible product that exists in the cart.
  • Single Product Amount Coupon: Same logic as above, but instead of a percentage discount, it is an amount discount (ex. $5 off coupon).
  • All Product Coupon (Percentage/amount): These coupons will apply to all items in the cart that are related to the set Product. These coupons will apply to all eligible items regardless of when they are added to the cart.
  • Order Percentage Coupon: This coupon will apply the percentage discount to the entire order total in the cart, regardless of the amount of products in the cart. This coupon will apply to the total cost of the cart regardless of when items are added to the cart.

How to setup coupons:

  1. Navigate to the eCommerce App in the CRM
  2. Navigate to the Coupons entity
  3. Click on +New to create a new Coupon record

4.    Fill out the required fields.

The “Coupon Type” option field is where you would select the wanted type of coupon logic described in the intro:

The “Product” field is where you would set the product record that will lookup to an existing and active product that will get the discount. This is required for all Product Coupon Types:

For more details on every field of the Coupon setup, please refer to this Coupon article: Create A Coupon