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Bundled Pricing and Tracking with Meeting Activities

Welcome to the "Pushing the Limits" series, where we find different ways to maximize the functionalities of Dynamics 365 to solve unique problems!

In this article, we are focusing on Meetings record setup and creating different paths regarding the Meeting Activities. Let's say there is a scenario where there is a Meeting with multiple Meeting Activities, and we want to have 2 Meeting Registration Options: A normal Registration where the Contact can add additional Meeting Activities ad-hoc and an all-inclusive Registration that costs more but automatically includes all of the Meeting Activities as a bundle. Here is how to set it up!

1. Create your Meeting Registration Fees

Navigate to your Meeting record and create 2 (or more) Registration Fees.

One fee should be the normal registration fee and the other fee should be the registration fee with all bundled activities price included. Create necessary products to ensure the wanted prices are correct. Once created, set the products to the corresponding Meeting Registration Fee record.

2. Create your Activity records

Navigate to the Meeting Activities tab and create the necessary Meeting Activities records. Ensure that Require RSVP and Publish to Portal are both set to Yes.

3. Create two different Meeting Activity Registration Fees

One for the ad hoc, add on path (the person selected just the regular registration fee).

Ensure the following:

  • Automatically Include = No
  • Product lookup has a product with the correct activity price

One for the bundled registration + activity pricing (this path is for the bundled registration where all activities are included. )

Ensure the following:

  • Automatically Include = Yes
  • Product lookup has a product that is free

4. If you wanted to create different tracks, you could create different meeting registration fees for the different tracks, and then create meeting activities using the “automatically include” functionality for the activities you want to include in that track

Once the setup is completed, it should look like this on the Portal:

1. Contact navigates to the meeting and Registers

2. Two Registration Fees appear, one for normal (Early Bird Registration) and one for all-inclusive (Early Bird Registration + Bundled Activities)

3. If the contact clicks on the all-inclusive Registration fee, the contact sees that Activities already preselected, and the cost for the activities are $0 (since the price is already included in the Registration fee)

4. If the contact clicks on the normal Registration fee, the contact has no Activities preselected and can select the wanted Activities from the page and the total price will differ based on how many activities are selected