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Running Cron Schedules Manually

While cron jobs allow you to schedule automated processes so that you don't have to do manual work, there are occasions when it may be necessary to trigger the process off schedule. Typically we see people do this during testing of new jobs, testing changes to existing jobs, or troubleshooting.

The process queued payment job is in the examples as this is most frequently run manually during testing and training, but the steps are the same for all cron schedules.

2. Click on the Cron Job record for the job you want to run

3. Open the next Pending Cron Schedule

4. Select the Process you want to run under the Flow heading

CAUTION: It is important to select the right workflow as all cron schedule workflows will work on any cron schedule.

Most workflows match the name of the job so it is usually easy to tell which one is correct for the job you want to run, but you can ask the Cobalt team if you are uncertain.

5. Click Ok in the confirmation box

7. For a few minutes you should be able to see a record of the job you ran

8. Return to your business process or testing to confirm the records are updating as expected with the job