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Stand Alone Forms

Stand Alone Forms will create a form response related to the entity selected in the form designer.

If the customer is logged in question responses can be mapped to entities like the contact. Please note that these forms should only be used for logged-in Contacts. Currently form responses submitted by non-logged in Contacts will be cleared.

This is useful for gathering ad-hoc data. If you are looking for more of a custom application you will be better served by Web Element Types.


2. Create a New Form with a title and Save

3. Launch the Designer in the Tool Bar

5. Add Questions to Page 1

Note: Additional question pages may be added to fit your design.

6. Add a Summary Page

6.1. Click New Page

6.2. Click Edit Page

6.3. Select Summary Page for Page Type

Page Name - Editable and internal

Page Type - Drop down select Question Page, Summary Page, or Text page

Page Title - Editable and will display as a heading page text on the page on the portal

Page Instructions - Editable and will appear as page text on the portal

7. Set up a Text Page as a Receipt

7.1. Click New Page

7.2. Click Edit Page

7.3. Select Text Page for Page Type and place confirmation note in the Page Instructions

8. Using the Web Element Designer you can create the URL and embed this into your website.

9. If you are not using the Web Element Designer you can contact support to create a custom portal tab for your standard site.

If people are not logged in the form responses will be created but not linked to existing records. Staff will want to look for unrelated form responses periodically. If the related entity is Contact you may encounter blank contact records.

You must include all 3 page types for stand alone forms to work properly.