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Set and Track Sales Goals

Setting goals and success criteria will help your team stay clear and focused on the most important performance indicators for their role. Once a Goal record is setup, your sales team members can track their progress from their Dashboards.

Let's get started.

2. Click +New in the top ribbon

3. Fill in required fields

  • Name - The title of the record that best describes the Goal.
  • Goal Owner - Who the Goal is for.
  • Goal Metric - How the Goal will be measured. You can add new Goal Metric records by clicking the magnifying glass next to the text box and then +New Goal Metric.
    • Note that after the record is saved for the first time, this field becomes locked and the value cannot be edited.
  • Manager - Lookup to the Goal Owner's Manager.
  • Parent Goal - Lookup to other Goal records.
    • Use Case Example: A "parent" Goal could be used to track the entire team's progress towards a revenue target. Then each member of the team has a "child" Goal with a portion of that target as their success metric.

5. Click the Targets tab

If applicable, add an integer value to the Target (Integer) field.

7. Click Actuals for a real-time progress report

10. Change Goal Manager

To assign a new Manager, click Change Goal Manager, then select the user and click Assign.

11. When complete, click Close Goal

Select the Status, Closed or Discarded, then click Deactivate.