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Create a Quote

When a prospect is in the market for a product or service that you provide, they may contact your organization for an estimate on the cost of goods. Your sales team can use Quote records to track and distribute this information as needed.

2. Fill in required fields

  • Owner - Lookup to a user who is creating the record or should have ownership over handling the Quote.
  • Name - Free text field for the name of the record. A uniform naming format will help keep records more organized.
  • Currency - Lookup to the Currency the Quote is in.
  • Price List - Lookup to Price List.
  • Potential Customer - Lookup to Contact or Account requesting the Quote.

Quote ID and Revision ID fields are Auto-Number Definitions and the values will be set on first save of the record. The format of these IDs can be edited on the corresponding Auto-Number Definition record.

3. Save the record

4. Click +Add Product to create a new Quote Product or follow step 5

Fill in the required fields. Toggle the Select Product button based on if you are choosing to Write In a product or use an Existing product. When finished, click Save and Close. The record will now appear in the Product grid.

5. Click the ellipsis and select Get Products

Use this feature to add Products to the Quote from an existing Opportunity. A pop-up will appear where you may select the Opportunity record.

6. With each Product added, notice the calculated fields that are updated

7. Enter Opportunity Information, if applicable

  • Opportunity - Lookup to an existing Opportunity record.

8. Fill in Shipping and Address information as needed

9. Go to the Details tab to add or view Timeline Activities

11. To distribute, click Export to PDF

Select the Print quote for customer or Quote Summary option, then choose to download, email, or save the PDF to SharePoint.

12. When the Quote has been sent to the prospect for review, click Activate Quote

The record is now read-only.

13. Choose to Create Order or Close Quote

When the prospect has accepted or rejected the Quote, the next step is to create an Order or close the Quote.

If closing the Quote, select the Status Reason; Lost, Canceled, or Revised. Then set the Close Date and Create a Revised Quote field and click OK. If selecting to create a revised Quote, the record will become editable again.

If selecting to create an Order, set the Status Reason to Won, the Date Won, and whether or not to Close Opportunity and Calculate actual revenue from the Quotes.

14. Order record is created automatically

Edit the fields on the Order as needed. Use wizard buttons in the top ribbon to complete more actions if needed, such as creating an Invoice or canceling the Order.