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From Opportunity to Close of Sale

When a Lead has been qualified through your organization's sales process, it officially becomes an Opportunity. Opportunity records serve the purpose of tracking each development until a proposal is made, and then will be closed as won or lost after the prospect makes a final decision.

2. Click +New in the top ribbon

Note that if you have qualified a Lead and it has become an Opportunity, you can select the record from the grid on this page.

3. Fill in required fields

  • Topic - Descriptive title for the Opportunity
  • Currency - Form of currency the prospect or your organization operates with.

4. In the Sales life-cycle ribbon, click Develop

Add notes to the fields as you gain more knowledge about the potential customer and their needs. When your team is ready to enter the proposal stage of the life-cycle, click Next Stage.

5. Under Propose, enter field information

Throughout the proposal period of the sales cycle, track information to the Opportunity record under Propose. When this phase is complete, click Next Stage.

6. Under Close, enter field information

7. Click Finish

8. When the decision is delivered...

When the prospect has made a final selection, use the Close as Won or Close as Lost button to deactivate the record accordingly.

9. Enter closing information

When closing an Opportunity, answer all relevant fields and click OK.