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Cobalt offers the ability for individuals to join geographically-based chapters as part of the membership process. The following articles will walk you through the steps to set up this functionality for your customers to use. 

If Chapters are set up in your system, customers will have the option to join a Chapter when they apply for membership. If the Chapter has a Dues Product, members will be prompted to pay to join the Chapter.

When a Customer Joins a Chapter

The following processes occur automatically when a customer joins a Chapter:

  1. A Chapter Affiliation record is created that links the customer's membership to the Chapter. 
  2. The order tied to the membership for the customer reflects the product set up for the fee to join a Chapter.
  3. When a customer renews membership, the expiration date on the Chapter Affiliation record is automatically updated. If the customer does not renew the Chapter Affiliation, after the expiration date passes the Chapter Affiliation record will become inactive.