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Chapter Setup - Officer Positions

Create Chapter Officer Positions

In addition to charging for membership in Chapters, you may also want to allow certain contacts to have leadership positions for a Chapter. Only chapter members can become officers. The Chapter Officer Position entity specifies the type of position (President, Secretary, etc.) and the corresponding roles the position has. For example, President can edit chapter members on the portal, Treasurer can edit dues amount. 

  • Navigate to Membership > Chapters >  Select the Chapter 
  • At the top of the Chapter Officers subgrid, click More Commands (...) then "+ New Chapter Officer".
  • Fill out required and desired fields for Chapter Officer and Position.
    • Name - This field will automatically generate a value once the record is saved ([Contact] - [Position])
    • Contact  - Lookup field to an existing contact or where a new contact can be created.
    • Chapter - Lookup field to an existing Chapter this officer belongs to.
    • Position - Lookup field to an existing Chapter Officer position (ex: Chairman) or where a new position can be created.
    • Term Begin Date - The date the chapter officer position begins. 
    • Term End Date - The date the chapter officer position ends.
  • Click Save.