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Specify Custom CSS Stylesheet or Custom JavaScript for Portal - Global

Updated for current code:

Cobalt 3.7

Note: This global configuration on the Settings record was first introduced in Cobalt 3.7. Clients on previous versions of Cobalt will require a code change to implement this functionality.

Clients can specify a generic custom CSS and generic custom JavaScript URLs on the Settings record. Any file specified in either relevant field will be applied portal-wide. This means that it is a global setting and will update the styling on all web applications, included the Portal and ISV. Additionally, the theming will persist when navigating from page to page on the portal. Only one CSS stylesheet can be used at a time. If a different stylesheet needs to be used, replace the current one.

Below are steps to add/update a custom CSS stylesheet and a custom JavaScript.

2. Open the Settings record.

3. Enter the CSS URL in the Generic Custom CSS Urls field.

4. Enter the JavaScript URL in the Generic Custom Javascript Urls field.

5. Save

6. Confirm the portal has updated with the custom theming.

Screenshot of portal with default styling prior to update.

Screenshot of portal with custom styling post update.

7. If the changes are not displaying, please open a Support ticket and reference this article so an agent can refresh the portal services to clear cache on the back end.