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Use Case - Adding PAC Contribution option to the Portal

The first thing you need to do is create PAC Contribution products with different price levels. For example, if you wanted to have three price levels: $25, $50, and $75, you would set up three different products. Each of these products would have price list items for all relevant price lists in the system, and they would need, at the very least, a revenue Product GL Account for PAC Contributions. More information on creating Products in this article.

An example Product:


1. Now that you have your products, go to the Settings app and switch to the Portal Area > Click Web Element Types and +New:


2. Name your Web Element Type > Save.

3. Add the PAC Contribution Products as Fees.

You will need to ensure it is published to the portal. If you want to map the submissions to an entity, you will need to populate the Mapped Entity Name with the entity you want to use. Otherwise, this will be logged as a web element submission. In this example we will not map.  


4. We now want to Create a Web Element. Navigate to https://[Portal Site URL]/WebElementDesigner.aspx

NOTE: The URL is case sensitive so make sure that yours matches WebElementDesigner.aspx exactly. For more information on using the Web Element Designer click here.

5. Click Custom Elements > Custom Ecommerce


6. Locate the Web Element Type you created and click on Details


7. Clicking Configure Element will give options such as changing the Buy Now Link Text to Donate Now


8. Update the portal location, Ex: 8|PAC Contribution?halflings white star|1|Donate Now! > Add a name for the Web Element > Save


You now have the option for PAC Contributions on your Portal