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Create a Publication Subscription

1. Create A Publication Subscription manually

A Publication Subscription can be created from a Contact, or directly from the Publication record.

1.1. From the Contact record

  • Open a Contact and navigate to Related > Publication Subscriptions
  • In the ribbon, click +New Publication Subscription.
  • Fill out required and desired fields and click Save. For more information about the fields, click here.
  • Saving the record will automatically generate an Order for the Publication Subscription.
  • The Publication Subscription will be in Status: Active, Status Reason: Pending until the Order is fulfilled.

1.2. From the Publication record

  • Navigate to the Publication record and click on the Subscriptions tab.
  • Click the +New Publication Subscription button above the Subscriptions subgrid.
  • Fill in the required fields and save, the same as if creating a Publication Subscription from the Contact record.

2. Purchase a Subscription on the Portal

  • Users can log in to the portal and click on Publications under the Subscriptions tab.
  • Click the desired Publication and click the Subscribe Now button. 
  • If there is a fee the user will be prompted to pay for the order and once fulfilled the Publication Subscription record in CRM updates to Status Reason Current. 

3. When A Publication Subscription is Purchased

  • The Subscription Publication record in CRM updates to Active: Current and the date is automatically populated in the 'Date Paid' field.  The Order for the Publication Subscription is updated to Fulfilled: Complete.