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Pay for Account Based Membership Dues


For More Information on Account Portal Roles See this Article 

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For More Information on how to establish an Account-Based Membership See this Article

1. Verify you have an Account Based Membership with a pending dues item. You can check for this by navigating to the Account then to Memberships from related records. See below:

2. Verify you have an Active Contact that has an Active Contact Affiliation that has a related Account Portal Role where ‘Manage Organizational Membership’ = Yes 


1. Log into the portal as the contact used in the prerequisites

2. Click the "Renew Your Membership" Link

3. Click ‘Pay Now' Or 'Complete Now.'  Enter in payment information and submit payment. 

4. Once you reach the /Membership/Renewal/Member/Receipt.aspx page shown below, Navigate back to CRM and Find the Dues item you just paid for.

5. You can find the Dues Item by Navigating to the Account again and going into Memberships from Related Records. Open the Membership Record and you will see the Dues Item sub-grid on the Right Side of the screen.

6. Once the Payment is applied to the order in CRM. The following should happen:

  • Dues Item will be in "Active" Status from pending
  • Membership's "Last Renew Date" will be populated with today's date and the Expiration date will be pushed back
  • Order will become "Inactive"/"Fulfilled"