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A chargeback is when a customer disputes a payment and the amount is returned to their credit card. Currently, there is no functionality for chargebacks, but the workaround is to Cancel the payment using the Payment Wizard. Canceling the payment using the wizard will create reverse GL Account Entries on the payment. You can also cancel the Invoice in the wizard to reverse those GL Account Entries.

From the accounting side this zeroes out the GL entries but in CRM leaves the "unapplied" record of what was originally processed -- note that even though the payment record says unapplied the status will be 'Canceled' so it cannot be applied in the future.

Open the Payment record

  • From the Payment record, open the Payment Wizard. Select the option to Cancel the payment and click Continue. 
    • If the Payment is Applied, the option will be I want to unapply and cancel this payment.
    • If the Payment is still Unapplied, the option will be I want to cancel this payment. 
  • On the second page of the wizard, select the option to Cancel the Invoice (if appropriate) and enter a reason for canceling the payment if desired. Click Continue.
  • On the summary page, note that the new Status of the Payment will be Canceled. Click Submit to complete the transaction.

Confirm GL Account Entries are updated

  • On Payment, review the related GL Account Entries to confirm the appropriate GL Account Entries were created to cancel out the transaction.