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Dues Set Up - Creating a Dues Schedule and Schedule Query

Step 1: Create a Dues Schedule

Dues Schedules are the first step in defining the dues members that will be charged. Dues schedules are first based on member types, but also include the ability to further refine the criteria. The dues schedules are what ultimately segments your dues. For example, if you charge different amounts for Associate and Institution Memberships, you would have 2 different schedules. You can set up queries based on anything tied to the membership record and/or related records. Each Dues Schedule must have at least one Dues Option associated with it.

From the Dues Cycle, click the Add Dues Schedules plus icon above the Dues Schedule Subgrid.

  1. Click OK to allow the system to auto populate the dues duration.
  2. Name your Dues Schedule and, using the dropdown menu next to Member Type, select which Member Type for this Dues Schedule.
  3. Enter any optional information, like Late Fee and Reinstatement Fee by using the lookup next to the fields. Remember, you must have a Product set up for each fee.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2: Create a Dues Schedule Query

Dues Schedule Query

The query tied to the dues schedule defines all of the memberships that will be included in the schedule.

To edit the Dues Schedule Query, Navigate to your Dues Schedule. Click on more Commands (...), then View Query.

The Advanced Find window will launch for the query. From this window, you can add criteria starting from the membership record to limit which memberships will be included in the query.