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Removing/Editing Dues Products on Orders Associated with Dues Items

Dues Orders cannot be edited on the Order record as they are tied to Dues Items. However, you can still make updates to a Dues Order through the Dues Order Products on the Dues Item. Below are the steps to accomplish this.

*Note that these steps will work best if you only have one Dues Option available for the member's dues. If there are multiple dues options available then these steps may only work on the staff side as clicking the Pay Dues Renewal Wizard will offer all available dues options to the member and recalculate the order to default amounts. (Staff can avoid the renewal wizard by clicking the Process Payment wizard and paying for the order without clicking the order link. This skips the dues options selection part of the process).

2. From the Dues Item navigate to Dues Order Products

2.1. *If this is not available to you, you will need to add it to the navigation for your form.

*If this is not available to you, you will need to add it to the navigation for your form.

For instructions see  Note that the name of the record to move is AK Test (but you can change the display name to Dues Order Products)

3. Open the Product Record you wish to edit.

Do not create a new product or remove an existing product. Adding or removing products an impact everyone with that Dues Option. This process is only for adjusting the amount of the product. So if you want to "remove" it you can adjust the amount to 0.00. If you need to charge more you can increase the amount on a product.

4. Edit the Amount and Overridden fields and Save changes

Set the amount to the correct value and Overridden should be changed to Yes.

5. Go back to the Dues Item

6. In the More Commands Button Select Recalculate Order