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Create a New Dues Item/Order/Invoice after Dues are Generated

The Generate Dues process creates Dues Items and Orders for everyone who fits the Dues Schedule Queries at the time you run the process. However, there are some cases where you may need to create a dues order after the generation process. Simply creating an order with the products allows you to collect payment, but if you run any other processes or searches for dues items such as Activate Dues Item (which updates the membership expiration) or Apply Late Fees, or even Terminate Memberships, then the manual order will not be enough. The steps below will allow you to have both the dues item and the order so that the created records fit seamlessly with those that were system generated.

2. Click the + in the Dues Item Subgrid.

If you do not have a subgrid, navigate from the membership to dues items and click New in the toolbar.

3. Complete the fields shown below

  • Membership - this field should auto populate.
  • Dues Cycle - select the correct cycle.
  • Dues Option - Make sure that the dues option you select is part of the selected dues cycle.
  • Billing Year is an optional field which some organizations like to use for record keeping, but the system does not need data here to function.

3.1. When you select a Dues Option a pop up will ask if you want to update the duration. Click ok and this will automatically populate the Duration fields for you.

4. Click Save and the other fields will populate as follows

  • Name - This will generate according to your system logic (in the example, the name of the cycle and option, but many groups also add Contact Name to the logic)
  • Order - When you save a new dues item an order with all the products associated with the dues option will automatically be generated
  • Pricing Stage - This will be set to Standard by default (to apply late or reinstatement fee you can adjust this field)
  • Pricing Strategy Date - This pulls from the join date of the membership. If no join date is set this will remain blank. This field doesn't matter if your products don't have prorations, but if you do use prorations, this date will need to be set to make sure the person is charged the right amount.