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Voting Process

The Elections tab on the portal allows you to collect both nominations and votes. This article will show portal voting process with reference to the set up details in CRM.

1. Set Deadlines, Requirements, Forms, and Restrictions

See the election record article for full details about each field, but the fields you will need for voting setup are in the screenshot below.

2. On the portal click the Elections tab to see the election information

Note that the 'Vote' button shows up if the current date falls within the begin and end dates for the Voting window set on the election record. Otherwise no 'Vote' button is shown, or the 'Nominate' button can appear.

3. Click Vote

The list of candidates will appear in randomized order.

4. Click Nomination Details for more information

Nomination details will show any nomination form questions, uploaded documentation, and the person who nominated the candidate if any of this information is applicable.

5. Click Back in the Browser to get back to Voting

6. Click the 'Vote' button next to the candidate(s) you are voting for.

If the vote is single scale you will be directed either to form questions or the summary page. If multi-scale you will be asked to provide a rating based on the election record set up.

7. Review Summary and Click Submit

8. A Vote record is created in CRM