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Nomination Process

The Elections tab on the portal allows you to collect both nominations and votes. This article will show portal nomination process with reference to the set up details in CRM.

1. Set Deadlines, Requirements, Forms, and Restrictions

See the Election record article for full details about each field, but the fields you will need and the optional Election Requirement subgrid are in the screenshot below.

2. On the portal click the Elections tab to see the election information

Note that the 'Nominate' button will show if the current date falls within the begin and end dates for the Nomination window set on the Election record. Otherwise no 'Nominate' button is shown, or the 'Voting' button can appear.

3. Click the 'Nominate' button

4. Click the 'Add a Nominee' button or the 'Edit' or 'Withdraw' link

The display will show Add Nominee if you do not have any current nominees, and/or if you are allowed to add additional nominees.

The display will show the edit window if you currently have nominees and will be the only item to display if you have reached your allowed limit of nomination records.

5. Add Nominees

Use the search boxes to find existing contacts. If a match is found then results will display along with the option to "Add Myself" if applicable.

If no matches are found and write-ins are allowed you will be given the option to create the new contact for your nomination.

6. Once you have added the nominees (one or multiple as allowed) click 'Finished Adding Nominees'

7. Review the election summary details and click Submit

8. This will create the Nomination record in CRM

9. Deactivate Requirements (if needed)

Click the 'Deactivate' button in the Toolbar and then click 'Deactivate' again in the pop-up. The Election Requirement record and the Nomination record will now have the Status Reason: Completed.