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Cancel a Meeting Registration in CRM with a Cancellation Fee

On the portal, the Wizard can allow End Users to edit or cancel a Meeting Registration and will make the updates to the Order, request additional Payment, or process the Refund. In CRM, these steps need to be completed manually, unless you are using the Cobalt 2.10.1 solution. In that solution you have a Cancel Meeting Registration button on the Meeting Registration record (under More Commands ...).  That button will follow the same Wizard as the portal. If you are not on 2.10.1 then below are the steps for canceling a meeting registration in CRM and how to handle the related orders/payments. *Note that the order of these steps may be modified slightly to achieve the same result.

2. Click Deactivate in the toolbar.

Click Deactivate in the toolbar.

This will deactivate the Meeting Registration record and any related Meeting Activity Records.

Note: If a Meeting Registration is deactivated in error, you can reactivate the Meeting Registration, but that will not reactivate the Activities automatically. You will also need to reactivate those Records separately.

5. Using the Payment Wizard, Unapply the Payment

Note: Follow the steps in the Unapply Some or All of the Payment article. Be sure to also cancel the Invoice related to the Order, as that will save you a step later on. If you forget to cancel the Invoice you can do so manually later.

7. Once on the Order Record, Cancel the Order

8. Create a New Order for the Contact with the Cancellation Fee Product by selecting the + New button, fill in the unlocked required fields, and Save the Record. Once you have saved the Record, click on + Add Product

9. Fill in the required fields for the Order Product Record, including the Cancellation Fee Product. Once this is complete, click Save and Close to return to the Order Record.

10. Return to the Payment Record you unapplied earlier and Apply Payment to the new Order using the Payment Wizard.

Follow the steps in the Apply Payment to an Order/Invoice Article to pay off the cancellation order.

Note: Once you Apply the Payment and receive the confirmation screen, there is a button that says Perform More Transactions. You can click this to avoid having to close the Payment Wizard and reopen it to follow the next step.

11. If applicable, Refund the remaining amount of the Payment in the Payment Wizard

Follow the steps in Refund the Unapplied Amount of A Payment to complete the process.