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Add Event Document to a Meeting

Event Documents allow you to add links or plain text information to a Meeting or Class and the ability to determine when people can access the information.

2. Create an Event Document

1. Open up an Advanced Find Window.

2. Change the Look For drop-down menu to Event Documents.

3. Click on the Results button.

4. This is where you can see all previously created Documents, or create a new one by clicking the New Event Document Button.

5. Fill out the relevant fields pertaining to your Event Document, and click Save.

6. In the navigation select Related > Classes or Related > Meetings to add this document to the relevant Record


7.  From the Meeting or Class Record, navigate to Event Documents

8. Click on Add Existing Event Document.

9. A window will pop up where you can search for Event Documents. Once you have selected the relevant Event Document, click Add.

Fields to Note:

  • Document Name - A unique name to identify the document when linking it to Meeting or Class records.
  • Type - Designates at what point in the process this documents will be available.
    • Pre-Event - Documents are available to anyone who can view the meeting/class details page.
    • Attendees - Available to people who have registered for the meeting/class and the meeting/class end date is after the current date.
    • Post-Event - Available to attendees once the event has passed so when the meeting/class end date is before the current date.
  • URL - If the Display Behavior is to redirect customers to a link, then you can set the URL here.
  • Description - If the Display Behavior is to show the description only you can set that information here.
  • Sort Order - If there are multiple Event Documents, you can specify they order in which they are listed on the portal.
  • Display Behavior - determines how customers will access and view this information.
    • Document Name as Link - Name will include a link to the URL or attached notes
    • Document Name as Plain Text - Name will be in plain text with a link to attachment below.
    • Description Field Only - WYSIWYG display of what is in the description field so that you can embed information.