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Filtering Meetings and Classes with Tags

(Note: This video utilizes an older version of the Cobalt Product; please keep that in mind when reviewing this video.)

1. How to Add a Tag to a Meeting

1. Open up the Meeting that you would like to add a tag to, and click on Related.

2. Click on the Add Existing Tag button.

3. From the Lookup Records window, we can either search for an Existing Tag, or we can create a new Tag by selecting New Record.

3.1. When creating a new Tag, fill out the Name field with your desired Tag name, and click Save & Close.

3.2. When back on the Meeting Record Tags sub-grid, click on Add Existing Tag again, and utilize the Search option this time.

4. When you have finished adding the Tags that should be attached to the Meeting, click on the Add button.

5. The associated Tag will now appear on the Meeting Record Tags sub-grid.

2. How to Filter an Event by Tags on the Portal

1. Navigate to the Event Calendar on the portal and click on the All Tags drop-down menu.

2. Select the Tag that is associated with the Event that you'd like to search for.

3. All Events with the associated tag will display on the Calendar.