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Cancel a Meeting Registration in CRM with no Cancellation Fee

On the portal the wizard can allow end users to edit or cancel a meeting registration and will make the updates to the order, request additional payment, or process the refund. In CRM, these steps need to be completed manually. Below are the steps for canceling a meeting registration in CRM and how to handle the related orders/payments.

Click Deactivate in the toolbar.

This will deactivate the Meeting Registration record and any related Meeting Activity Records.

*Note that if this is done in error, you can reactivate the meeting registration, but that will not reactivate the activities automatically. You would also need to activate those records.

Using the Payment Wizard Refund the Payment

If you are refunding the entire amount you can use the steps in the Refund The Entire Amount of a Payment article. Be sure to cancel the invoice related to the order as that will save you a step later on. If you forget to cancel the invoice you can do so manually later.

If the payment was applied to multiple orders and you only want to refund the amount for a specific order then follow the steps in one of the following articles Unapply Some of the Payment and Refund Total Unapplied (if there are no other unapplied funds) or you can select Unapply Funds and Refund only That Amount to keep any other unapplied funds on the payment.

Return to the Order and Cancel the Order