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Waitlist Wizard

Use this wizard to manually move waitlisted registrants up or down in the wait list. You can also promote the registrant off the waitlist directly into the meeting or meeting activity. Launch this wizard from the meeting or meeting activity record.

(Note: This video utilizes an older version of the Cobalt Product; please keep that in mind when reviewing this video.)

1. From the Meeting Record, navigate Manage Waitlist button (if you do not see it immediately, click on the More Commands button).

2. You can adjust the order of Waitlisted Contacts in the Waitlist Wizard by selecting a Contact and clicking on the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

Adjust the order for contacts in the waitlist.

Note: If an non-waitlisted Meeting Registration is cancelled, the first person on the Waitlist will automatically be promoted.

3. If you want to promote someone from the Waitlist to the Attendee list without waiting for a spot to open, click on the Promote button.

Note: This allows staff to work around meeting size limitations if you need to fit a certain Waitlist Registration in.

4. Once you've made changes, click the Continue button and close the wizard.