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Clone Meeting

For recurring meetings where information is mostly the same from event to event, we have created the Clone Meeting wizard to simplify the data entry process. Cloning allows you to create a copy of a meeting where you can edit the new record as needed, but can avoid entering in all the information each time. You can open this wizard from the meeting record.

1. From the Meeting Record that you want to clone, select the Clone button

2. Click "OK" in the pop up window

Click Ok in the pop up window.

3. Return to the list of Active Meetings, you may need to refresh the view. Confirm that a Copy is now in the list

4. Open the Cloned Meeting Record. Update any fields that you want to update, and save

Note: You must update the Begin and End Dates. You should also rename the Meeting to something unique.

6. Adjust the Begin and End Dates for the Registration Fees so that they are correct

Note: You can also add or remove Registration Fees.