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Add Booths and Exhibitors to a Meeting

1. Add an Exhibitor to a Meeting

Note: Exhibitors need to have a Contact or Account Record prior to assigning them to a meeting.

1.2. On the ribbon toolbar, click +Add New Meeting Exhibitor. 

1.3. A Quick Create: Meeting Exhibitor window will open. Use the lookup to the right of the Account field or the Contact field to search for the exhibitor, and complete any other desired fields.

Use the lookup to the right of the Contact field or the Account field to search for the exhibitor and complete any other desired fields.
  • Meeting - This should auto-populate with the name of the meeting you started from.
  • Account - A lookup to the account exhibitor.
  • Contact - A look up to the contact exhibitor.
  • Description - Include information about the exhibitor here if desired.
  • Website - Include a website for the exhibitor if applicable.
  • Notes - Attach documents regarding the exhibitor if applicable.

*Note: You can only have an account exhibitor or a contact exhibitor, not both.

1.4. Click Save or Save & Close

2. Add a Booth to a Meeting

Note: You can also add a booth through the exhibitor record, details are provided in step 3 below.

2.2. Click the + New Meeting Booth button in the ribbon toolbar.

2.3. Fill out the fields in the Meeting Booth Form. Those marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.  

  • Number - Enter a number for the booth.
  • Meeting - The meeting at which the booth is exhibiting (will be auto-filled).
  • Product - If you are charging a few for the booth enter the product here to generate the order.
  • Status - This will update when you save the record.
  • Exhibitor - A look up to the booth's exhibitor. The exhibitor must already have a Contact or Account record.
  • Status Reason - This is the availability Status of the booth. The different options are Available or Reserved.

Note: If you already have the exhibitor record and fill in the exhibitor field before saving you will see the steps in #4 below take place.

3. Assign a Booth to an Exhibitor from the Exhibitor Record

3.2. Click + Add New Meeting Booth

Fill out the fields from Step 2.3 with the relevant information.

Note: The only difference is that in this case the exhibitor is automatically completed and you will need to use the look up to find the meeting record.

3.3. Click Save and Close

4. Notes

When you save a Meeting Booth record with an Exhibitor assigned in the look up the following actions take place:

  • The Status of the Booth is set to Reserved.
  • An Order for the Booth is automatically generated for the Contact or Account Record associated with the Exhibitor Record.
  • When a Booth Order is fulfilled, the Status of the Order is set  to Fulfilled - Complete.
  • The Status field on the Booth is set to Paid

5. Canceling a booth reservation

Open the Booth Record, and click Deactivate in the Toolbar.

Select Canceled, and click OK.

Note: There are no automatic processes for refunding the Order, or charging Cancellation Fees. When you cancel the Booth, you will also need to make any necessary updates to refund the Order, and/or create a Cancellation Order.

5.1. Open the Booth record and click Deactivate in the toolbar.

5.2. Select Canceled and click Deactivate

There are no automatic processes for refunding the order or charging cancellation fees. When you cancel the booth you will need to also make any necessary updates to refund the order and/or create a cancellation order.