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Cloning Dues

Once you have set up your dues, you may find that the next year or month that most of the set up is going to remain the same with minor adjustments. In that case we suggest cloning the Dues Cycle. This article will go over steps to do so and items to check for updating.

1. Open the existing Dues Cycle you want to clone and click Clone Dues

Navigate to Membership > Dues Cycles. Open the Dues Cycle you would like to clone.

Click the More Commands button (...), then select "Clone Dues Cycle".

2. Update the name and duration dates/billing year as needed and click Continue

A wizard will open. Update name, duration dates/billing year as needed. This will update the dates on all dues schedules and dues options of the new dues cycle. Click Continue.

3. Go back to Dues Cycle and open the new one

Navigate back to Dues Cycles and open your cloned Dues Cycle.

4. Update the Master Query

From you cloned Dues Cycle, click the More Commands button (...), then select "Master Query". Most queries have a dated criteria that will need to be updated for the new cycle. You may have other changes to make.

5. Update Due Schedule Queries and Name

Like the Master Query, each schedule query usually has some dated criteria to update. Repeat for each Dues Schedule Query. If your Dues Schedule has a name that references the old Dues Cycle you will want to update the Dues Schedule name too.

6. Update Dues Option Name

If your Dues Option name references the Old Dues Cycle you will want to update the name here too. You can also add or remove options if needed.

7. Update Dues Products

Do your products change from cycle to cycle or stay the same? If they are the same just double check to make sure they are correct. If they change you will need to update the products for the new cycle.

8. Update Dues Order Product Prorations (optional)

If you prorate certain dues products you will need to update the proration so that dates are correct for the new cycle.