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Dues Set Up - Create Dues Prorations

Dues Proration records store a begin date, end date and amount and define the proration schedule for the selected product for new members.

Dues Proration Schedule

To create or update dues prorations, navigate to the correct Dues Cycle > Dues Schedule > Dues Option > Dues Product.

1. Choose your Strategy Type

  • Basic - The full cost of the Product
  • Tabular - You choose the dates that fits your need
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

2. Save

Once the record is saved, the system will automatically generate Dues Proration records for a Dues Product based on the Strategy chosen. For Dues Products with a Tabular pricing strategy, Dues Proration records will have to be manually created.

In the example below, note that the pricing strategy is set to Monthly. Once saved, the Dues Prorations (12 records total) automatically populate in the subgrid.

Note that the date used to prorate dues is the date they apply and by default, dues expire at 12:00am. For example, if you want dues to expire on the last day of the month (12/31), you would set the End Date as 1/1.

If you are having issues with Dues Prorations, please click here for more information.