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Publication Subscription: Entity Definition

Publication Subscription: Entity Definition

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Publication Subscriptions allow you to track which contacts are subscribed to different Publications.

  • Name - This field will be automatically populated when the record is saved.
  • Contact - The contact who owns the Publication Subscription.
  • Publication - The Publication to which the contact subscribes.
  • Term Begin & End Date - The date that the Publication Subscription began and the end date of the subscription. If the Publication is termed, these fields must be set.
  • Publication Fee - Lookup to the product charged for the publication.
  • Date Paid - The date on which the subscription was paid for.
  • Order - Lookup to the order paid for the subscription.


  • Same As - Specifies whether the E-mail Address needs to be written or can be pulled from the contact's E-mail Address.
  • E-mail Address - The e-mail address to which an e-mail publication should be delivered.

Mailing Address

  • Same As - Specifies whether the Mailing Address needs to be written or can be pulled from the contact's Mailing or Billing Address.
  • Street 1 - The contact's Street 1 Address.
  • Street 2 - The contact's Street 2 Address. An example would include an Apartment or Suite number.
  • City - The contact's City.
  • State/Province - The contact's State/Province. This field is a lookup to the available State or Province records. The Country field will determine whether State or Provinces records will be available to chose from.
  • State/Province - This field can be used for an abbreviation of the State/Province.
  • Zip/Postal Code - The contact's zip/postal code.
  • Country - The contact's Country. This field is a lookup to the available Country records. This field can be set in the Settings Entity to auto-populate with a country.