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Dues Order Amount is Incorrect in the Dues Generation Wizard

ISSUE: The amount of estimated revenue does not match the total expected from your dues order products.

When you start the generate dues wizard, the system checks to make sure everything is correct before generating batches of dues items and orders. If you get through all the query checks and then find that the estimated revenue amount is incorrect. Everything is set up correctly so why doesn't the revenue wizard recognize the total amount for what the order should be?

SOLUTION: Missing a Non-Member Price List Item

Navigate to the actual product (not the dues order product) and check the Price List Items. Chances are you correctly created one for Members, but did not create one for non-members. While this makes sense when you are setting it up - you only charge dues for members - the wizard is using the non-member price list amount to calculate a total, so if it isn't there nothing is coming into the wizard.

Create a Non-member Price List item with the same amount as the member price for each missing product.

For steps on creating a price list item see the article on How to Create a Product.

Run the Generate Dues wizard again and the amounts should pull through.

*Before doing so open the Dues Cycle and navigate to Dues Generations. Delete, yes delete, the existing one (or more than one) from your prior tests. You don't want the system to be confused about which batch to run when you start so it's best to remove the old data first.