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Setting up Membership Requirements

Membership requirements allow you to set conditions that must be met before an application can be completed. Requirements are linked to the member type and are applied to Membership applications when they are submitted.

2. Click +New Membership Requirement and fill in the required and optional fields as needed.

  • Name - The name of the requirement.
  • Mode - How the requirement will be evaluated. See a detailed description below.
  • Member Type - The member type associated with this requirement. This will auto populate when you navigate from the Member Type record.
  • Description - For internal use, any information about the requirement you wish to add.

2.1. Requirement Modes

  • Manual - Manual requirements must be manually marked as completed by a staff user. These are good for items that require staff to verify documentation like identification, transcripts, or certifications.
  • Query - Queried requirements allow you to query the system for other conditions to be met. Queries for classes attended, location, existing membership, or any other data you can find through an advanced find query in the system.
  • Order Paid - This requirement will be completed when the order tied to the membership application is fulfilled/paid.
  • Command Text - This is an advanced requirement that allows you to enter T-SQL statements to define the condition(s) that must be met when the standard query requirement is not sufficient. These requirements should either be setup by Cobalt or a technical staff person with advanced knowledge of T-SQL statements.
  • Audit - This is a manual requirement, staff will need to complete this requirement for the application to proceed.

3. Prerequisite Requirements

There may be some requirements that need to be fulfilled before you want to be able to make information available for the next requirement. For example, if you have a manual requirement that should be completed before the system evaluates a query requirement you can set up prerequisites. Typically requirements are in Status reason Pending until they are completed or failed. However, this will allow you to have a requirement in the status of Waiting for Prerequisites, it can not be completed or failed until the prerequisite requirements have been updated. Once the prerequisites are completed the status of the requirement will go to pending and either complete automatically (if the mode allows for this) or will wait for users to update it.

3.1. From the Requirement record navigate to Prerequisites

3.2. Click Add Existing Membership Requirement and select the correct Requirement.

Note that it is important to select a prerequisite that is tied to the same member type. You are not creating new records here but looking up to an existing record that must be updated before this record. The columns show you the requirements and the related member types to help make searching for the right one easier.

4. Setting a Query for Queried Requirements

4.1. Open the Requirement record and Select View Query

Note that this will not be available for other requirement modes since the query is inapplicable there. The View Query option may appear in the More Commands button or on the toolbar depending on your settings.

4.2. Set Query Criteria

In a new tab, an Advanced Find will open. Click the Details button to set criteria.

While the screenshot is just an example of how looking for someone with an address is a specific state may be set up, the purpose really is to show that the starting point is membership application and that cannot be changed. To get to other records you will have to navigate through related CRM records to get to the information you need. If this is not possible, then that is where you can request Cobalt or technical staff to create the Command Text requirement which allows greater access to fields that may not have the relationship you need in CRM.

Set Query Criteria

4.3. Save the Query and Close.