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Apply and Edit Dues Late Fees.

If your organization charges late fees after a certain point for dues, there is a way to assess these fees via a workflow so that you aren't manually updating hundreds of orders. Below are the steps to set up the late fees on the Dues Schedules and how to run the workflow to apply them.

1. On the Dues Schedule Set a Late Fee Product

If there is no product selected then no late fee will be added to the dues items under that schedule with the workflow is run. If there is a product here, then that product will be added to the dues orders for any pending dues items under this dues schedule. You must set a late fee for all dues schedules where it should be applied.

2. Run Apply Late Fee Workflow from the Dues Cycle

1. Click the Flow drop down menu

2. Select the Apply Dues Late Fees Workflow

3. Select OK on the next screen to Confirm the Application of Workflow

The following tasks will occur.

  • All Pending Dues Items will be updated to Pricing Stage "Late Fee Applied"
  • If there is a product on the Dues Schedule the product will be added to the orders related to these dues items.

3. To add or remove the late fee for an individual or smaller number of records we suggest updating the Pricing Stage on the Dues Item.

To add a late fee change this to Late Fee Applied. To remove a late fee change this to Standard. Note that this will only work if you have the late fee set up on the dues schedule as shown in step 1.

Save your changes and the order should recalculate to reflect the new amount.

*Note: This field can be bulk edited if you need to make changes to a group of people that can be viewed in the results of an advanced find.

4. Edit the Order Products

You may also be able to add or remove products directly from the order. This option is best used if you plan to pay right away because if you leave the order for awhile and something triggers the system to recalculate based on the dues item you may find the order goes back to the prior amount (if you haven't edited the dues item as suggested in step 3).