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How to configure Domain Matching

Domain Matching allows you to use a office's email domain in order to streamline the Contact Creation Process on the portal for new members. A contact affiliation record will be created when the contact verifies their email so that they are associated with their Parent Account from the get go. Members that have a Account Portal Role that has the "Manage Roster" setting toggled to Yes can configure Domain Matching on the portal.  

Make sure the Service Configuration Property for EnableDomainMatching is toggled ON. For more information on this see the Service Configuration Properties Portal Admin article that is also apart of this Manual.

1. How to Configure Domain Matching

1.1. Contact signs into the portal and navigates to the Organizational tile and Selects "Manage Roster"

1.2. Under "Domain Configuration" You can see a list of Account Domains that are associated with the Account we selected in the Organizational Tile previously. Here we can remove Account Domains or Add more Domains as needed.

1.3. Once the domain is added, when a person attempts to register by clicking on the "Get Started" button on the portal, Once they input their email address with domain that matches the email domain that was added in the Domain Configuration they will get an email sent to them to Verify and complete their profile. When they complete their verification a contact affiliation will be created by the system also.