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Contact Affiliations

Contact Affiliations allow you to associate contacts with Accounts in the system. They exist as a record that links the Account Record to the Contact Record.

1. How to add Contact Affiliations through the portal

1.1. Contacts can associate themselves to an Account on the portal. They can do this by signing into the portal and clicking on the "Update Your Profile" Button and navigating to the "Organizations" Section.

1.2. If the Account Record exists in CRM then they will be presented with the message below in which a current account admin will have to approve the request.

1.3. To Approve a Affiliation Request, Locate the Contact Affiliation Record in CRM and switch the status reason from Pending to Active:

1.4. If a account is not found then the option to add the account into the system will appear. Make sure you select the "Organization not found" and the "Submit" option in order to add the Account into CRM. If the Account is added in correctly you will get the green validation message below in the next screenshot.

1.5. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Service Configuration Property for AllowAccountCreation is toggled to "True" for this part to work properly. You can find more information about this in the Service Configuration Article apart of this manual.

2. How to Add a Contact Affiliation through CRM

2.2. Fill out the Account that you would like to affiliate the contact with and save the record.

2.3. After saving make sure to switch the Status Reason into Active to approve the affiliation like we did earlier in this article.  You can also add Account Portal Roles to this affiliation. For more information on the different Account Portal Roles, See the Account Portal Roles Article also apart of this manual.