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Account Portal Roles

1. What are Account Portal Roles?

Account Portal Roles allow you to give contacts permissions to do the following on the portal for an account:

  1. Pay & View Account Orders
  2. Manage Account Details
  3. Manage the Organization Membership
  4. Manage the Roster

When you create a Account Portal Role you can toggle different settings that allow you to define the type of permissions you want contacts that have this role to have. See below for the different settings you can toggle Yes/No based on the role. You can also add a description for Staff and Auto Assign this role to the Account Creator.

2. How do I set a Account Portal Role for a contact?

2.1. Account Portal Roles are set on the Contact Affiliation record. You will need to create a contact affiliation first to associate the contact with the account you want them to manage. See this article for more information on Contact Affiliations

For more information on contact affiliations see this article.

2.2. When you login with the contact that has a Account Portal Role set on the Contact Affiliation Record you should see a Organization Tile that allows you to manage certain account features based on the Account Portal Role. Below you can see that the contact can Pay for orders, Manage the Roster, and Manage important account details. This tile will look different based on the Account Portal Role assigned to the contact affiliation record.

2.3. Based on the permissions set on the Account Portal Role you can have another tile appear as well. This is the Organizational Membership tile in which you can renew the account's membership or apply for additional memberships as needed. To have this tile appear you will need to have a Account Portal Role that has the setting for "Manage Organizational Memberships" toggled to Yes.