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Edit or Cancel Meeting Registration on the Portal

If a person registers for a meeting but later wants to make changes to or cancel the registration, this can be done through the portal. This process will also allow users to complete an incomplete registration. Note that if you have time based registration fees, the original order must be complete before using this wizard. You will not be able to complete the original order with an expired fee. However, if the original order is paid then the expiration of the original fee will not matter and the individual can access the wizard.

1. The member should log in and select My Meetings under the Events tab

2. The member should then click the Details button on the meeting that needs to be changed

The member should then click the Details button on the meeting that needs to be changed.

3. Then select Edit

4. There will be several options available to the member at this point.

5. Update Badge

Some fields can be updated here, and other completed by the system require an update to the user profile. Save changes or cancel.

6. Register More Attendees

The process is exactly the same at this point as completing a group registration. It allows you to add others to the registration in case you missed someone or have someone joining later.

7. Cancel Registration

This link takes you to the order summary page. To cancel select Submit Cancellation. Once you select this the system will cancel your registration record and process your refund. The order summary will display once this is completed.

8. To add or edit an Activity click Edit and on the summary page click Add  or Edit Activities.

8.1. Select the Activities and correct fees and click Continue.

8.2. You will see a summary page of changes to your original order. Click Submit to confirm.

If additional payment is required you will be prompted to enter your credit card information again for the new charges. As with any purchase process, customers may use a coupon as part of this wizard if a valid code is provided.

If a refund is in order the system will prompt you to continue and will show the order summary. Staff will need to complete the refund process on the backend.