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Web Element Configuration Entity

Cobalt has added an entity to allow users to store web element configuration details within CRM. This will allow users to save and then quickly access ANY previously created web element configurations for editing and/or review. This entity will be stored under Settings - Web Elements

  • Name - This name is populated from the name entered on the web element generator
  • Owner - Admin user owns these records by default.
  • Custom CSS URL - the link to the custom cascading style sheet
  • Element Type - Embedded Control or Lightbox Link
  • Web Element Width - Pixel Width
  • Portal Menu Item - This will populate from web element generator if applicable.
  • Lightbox Link Text - The text to click for the lightbox link if applicable.
  • Custom JS URL - Link to a custom javascript URL if you have one.
  • URL  - Link to the web element for quick access
  • Web Element Height - This is set to Auto by default but if there is something different you'll see this set here.
  • Show Loading Indicator - Yes if the element shows a loading icon. No if the element does not.
  • Link -