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How to Create a Product

The Product is an item or service you are selling; therefore, everything for which you charge a fee has to be a Product in your system.

1. From the Cobalt eCommerce App: Navigate to the Product Catalog heading > Products on the sidebar.

To create a product in your CRM system, navigate to Sales > Products and Click New

2. Click "Add Product".

Click Add Product

3. Fill Out Required Fields and Save.

  • Name - The display name for the product.
  • Product ID - A unique identifier for the product, this can be the same as the name or different, based on how you organize your products.
  • Decimals Supported - Enter a whole number between 0 and 5. If the product can't be divided into fractional quantities, enter 0.
  • Unit Group - Set this to Default Unit.
  • Primary Unit - Set this to Primary Unit.

4. Add a Price List Item to a Product.

Price list items tell the system how much to charge for a Product. Each Price List Item must be connected to a Price List that is set up to display on the Contact/Account record. So, before you can give a product a price, you must create a price list.

*Refer to Create a Price List and Price List Evaluation for in-depth steps on creating a price list.

4.1. To add a Price List Item from the Product: click on the "Additional Details" tab. Select more options next to the Price List Items subgrid and +New Price List Item.

Add a Price List Item to a Product

4.2. Fill out all required fields.

Fill Out All Required Fields
  • Price List - This is a look up to an existing price list in your system.
  • Product - A look up to the product associated with the price list (this field will auto-populate).
  • Unit - Primary Unit (this field will auto-populate).
  • Quantity Selling Option - No Control (default value)
  • Currency - The type of currency used (this field will auto-populate).

4.3. Click the "Pricing information" tab on the record.

Fill out all required fields.

*You will not be allowed to save the record prior to completing the fields in this section.

Click Pricing Information tab on the record before saving.
  • Pricing Method - Currency Amount (default value)
  • Amount - The actual dollar amount/price that will be charged.

If your organization uses multiple price lists, and you want people associated with those lists to see this product, you will need to create a Price List Item for each Price List. You can charge the same amount or offer a different price to different price list groups. See example below for Member and Non-member pricing:

4.4. On the Product Summary tab > set the Default Price List and Save.

Set the Default Price List on the Product Record and Save.

4.5. Publish the Product.

Click the Publish button in the ribbon and confirm. If the Product is saved but not published, it will remain in Draft Status.

Note: not all organizations use this step --  if there is no Publish button available after the record is saved, this may be disabled for your organization. If you are able to add the Product to an Order, there are no additional steps.