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Add a Class to a Meeting

Classes can be used to register people for specific classes that will be held during the meeting.


Click + New Class and a blank Class Record will open, or select Add Existing Class to attach an already created Class

Note: For more information on creating a Class, please visit the Create a Class article.

Fields to Note on the Class Record:

Course - This is the course that the Class will be related to. This will depend on your organization's offering of courses. You can also create a new course if the course you would like to use is not available. This will also set the fee for the Class.

Eligible for one click registration - This can be Yes or No, if your Class is free then this will be useful for people so that they won't have to go through a registration process on the portal and instead will be able to register for the class with one click.  

Publish to Portal-  if you want people to see the class on the portal you must set this to Yes. Even if you don't require people to register for all the classes in advance you may want the information available so people can preview what the meeting has to offer.

Maximum Capacity & Waitlist - This will limit the total number of participants that can register for the class. You can also set up a wait list users who register for the class when it is full will be put in the wait list.

Save the Class and Create additional Classes for the Meeting as needed