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Client (and Staff) Instructions for CMS User Roles

CMS User Roles are used to define which users can access different areas of your website. Web Developers can assign these CMS user roles to user roles in their CMS or LMS. CMS User Roles are based on queries (advanced find) that you use to identify different groups in your contacts.

NOTE: DO NOT Modify the Active Contacts CMS User Role

The most commonly used roles already exist out-of-the-box: Active Contacts and Staff Contacts

To Create A New CMS User Role

1. Log into your CRM and open Settings > CMS User Roles.

2. Click New

3. Fill in the:

  • Name
  • CMS User Identity Definition (Contact Definition)
  • Type (Website Role)
  • Cache Behavior (Cache on Evaluation)
  • Evaluation Behavior (Real-Time System Query Based)

4. Save the CMS User Role (but do not close. This allows an attached query to be created)

  • Open the query
  • Modify the Query/Advanced Find to match your criteria
  • Check Results to make sure you're getting the people you wanted. 
  • Save Query
  • Save and Close CMS User Role

Provide the web developer with the exact name of the new role. They will need to input this into the SAML Plugin or whatever other means they are using to reference the roles.

NOTE: When creating the CMS User Role that will be used for the site administrators who will have backend admin access to the site, be sure that the administrator user for the CRM is included in query of the role so that Cobalt staff can also have backend access for quick troubleshooting.