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Using Common Web Elements

You can access any widgetized Web Element by adding their URL directory path to the Web Element Designer URL :

The most common Web Elements, however, can be accessed through the Elements Toolbar in the Web Element Designer.


Here, we'll discuss the most commonly used Web Elements within the toolbar.

Note that the embedded elements operate just like they would on a standalone portal. Some can be accessed without logging in but most require log in. Because of this, most associations that use our embedded Web Elements will also opt to configure Single-Sign-On with the portal. For more information on SSO, refer to this article.

Home Page (Pre-Login)(Generic Widget)

This element displays the Cobalt Login page and is used as the Generic Widget/Web Element for any Single-Sign-On configuration. If a user were to log into this element, they would be logged into their portal account and this element would transform into their portal Dashboard.

Homepage (Post-Login)

Full Event Calendar

This element displays the portal calendar that shows all upcoming meetings, Classes, and Events. Keyword searches, filtering by Tags and event type, and different timescale views are available in this element. The Calendar is visible without login and, if you open any event from the calendar, the event details page is visible but you will need to login to register for any Class or Meeting.

Upcoming Classes/Upcoming Meetings List

These elements display lists of upcoming Classes or Meetings, respectively. Associations may use these elements in lieu of or alongside the event calendar to show a different view of the upcoming events. Keyword searches and filtering by Tags and month are available in this element. From these views, you can access the Event details page but you will need to login to register.

My Elections

This element displays all elections in which the member has either participated or that they may participate. If the election is still running then the buttons for nomination and voting will show, as they are available. This element is only visible after login.


This element displays the portal store and allows users to add products to their cart and pay for them. The store is only available after login.

Membership Directory

In addition to the elements above, which are found in the Elements Toolbar, one very common element cannot be found there. The Membership Directory does not require login to use and allows members and non-members to search for Members based on various filtering criteria. By adding /Membership/Directory/MemberSearch.aspx to the Designer URL, you can reach the widgetized Directory

This list encompasses only the most commonly used Web Elements. For more information on Custom Web Elements, refer to this article (Grids, Lists, and Forms) or this article (eCommerce).