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Incoming Mail Setup

Data Setup:


Exchange 2007
Exchange 2010 or 2013
Exchange Online

2. If Exchange Web Services (or for others if required Access Credentials)

*We do not need their credentials as long as it is Exchange online (which it is likely to be).

3. Exchange Web Services URL (if applicable)

You will want to make sure to run all mailboxes you do not want incoming email for are set to None for the incoming. That should allow you to choose the membership queue you want.

Setting Up Once We Have Above:

Add the incoming profile to the existing deployment (do not create a new deployment). 

*Note you can have more than one configuration profile---it is on the deployment where you determine which one to use. (So for this case I kept the one from Kansas city with their credentials in case that turned out ot be the better set up, but also could test the user based method that ultimately worked by switching the incoming configuration profile toggle.)

In the Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes click Load Data for the right Queue

Confirm with the customer they have set the credentials (as you see in the screenshot) on the mailbox record.

It should show an incoming and outgoing configuration profile.

Click Test Access and that will show working or errors